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What is it?

Shiatsu is a healing system that allows the patient to get in touch with their own healing abilities. It is a balance - an interactive relationship - between practitioner and patient, in which the healing power of both build upon each other to clear and balance the vital life force energy - known as Qi.

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art deeply rooted in the philosophy and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Incorporating the therapeutic massage of Japan, and more recently embracing its original focus of meditation and self healing.

Treatment Procedure?TOP

The treatment begins with a discussion about you. All information you provide is treated in the strictest of confidence. A further physical examination is made by feeling the condition of the meridians (Ki channels) and reflex zones in the abdominal area (hara). The information is interpreted and together with you a course of treatments to be followed is established. Comfortable, loose fitting clothing should be worn; it is not usually necessary to undress.

People generally experience a treatment as pleasurable and relaxing. The usual length of a treatment is 60 minutes. However the first session will usually be 90 minutes to accommodate the taking of a full medical history. At the end of each session any feedback you may have will be discussed. Further advice may be offered such as dietary recommendations, physical exercises, occasionally a referral to a supporting therapy and perhaps other lifestyles hints and tips. The number of treatments required is not fixed. It will be determined by factors like, how long the imbalance has been around and how you respond to Shiatsu. After about 4 sessions there is a review on how Shiatsu has been helping you and a further agreement on following sessions.

Health BenefitsTOP

Shiatsu treatment has significant anecdotal evidence to support its effectiveness in helping the body resolve many conditions. It does not profess to cure all complaints but can help the body and you on the way to a better state of well being. For example some of the imbalances that Shiatsu has helped to alleviate are, back ache, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, whiplash, migraines, arthritis, menstrual issues, sports injuries, post surgery trauma, depression, general tiredness, nervous system disorders, anorexia, asthma, bulimia and support of clients undergoing treatment for cancer.

Shiatsu treatments can also be received purely for relaxation or a general tone up, very much like taking your car in for a regular service!

Guidelines TOP

  • Wear loose fitting clothing (includes socks), preferably of natural fibre
  • Try not to eat a very large meal within 2 hours of your appointment
  • Refrain if possible from drinking alcohol before or after your appointment
  • Drink plenty of water after your appointment as this helps flush away impurities which come loose in the body after a treatment
  • Avoid strenuous physical exercises or saunas immediately after treatment
  • Please be punctual and respect the time of the other client awaiting their treatment
  • If you cannot make your appointment give at least 24 hours notice of postponement.

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